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A quick drawing with graphite chalks

Would you also sometimes like to teleport yourself to a completely different place? Graphite chalks and paper will be great choices to help you with your escapes from reality. It's up to you whether you’d like to go to a cottage or to a luxury apartment by the sea.

A number of significant innovative artistic products from the KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH factory are known all over the world today. Graphite chalks, which production of a mixture of graphite and clay patented in 1802, are no exception.

Drawing with graphite chalks is easy and effective. The advantages of this medium are, for example, that when drawing, you can use the entire length of the pencil’s core to draw a wider area, or you can create a sharp tip, which can be then used to draw the finest details.

If you have already chosen a place where you would like to be, let’s start working together!

Prepare a suitable drawing block such as Pop Draw, graphite chalks, a kneaded eraser and a fixative.

Using faint lines, first sketch the whole motif. Lines that you are not happy with can be easily removed by the kneaded eraser. You can then redo the ones you wish to keep with a thicker line.

If you have finished the sketch it is time to add some shades. You can shade in a similar way as you would with graphite chalks, or you can use the entire length of the core to color large areas of the picture, for example, the roof.

There are all sorts of types of lines which pencil provides so make sure you use them to capture different surfaces and materials.

Finally, capture the darkest parts of the image, make the last lines perfect, use the eraser to create highlights and you're done! We would like to recommend to seal the finished picture with a fixative to prevent damage and maintain its quality.

So let’s start on your own!

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