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Autumn drawing with Wax Aquarell

Autumn is undoubtedly associated with colorful leaves on trees that, year by year, fascinate us and inspire many to one's own creations. Whether you like drawing or painting, Wax Aquarell pastels are perfect for capturing leaves!

A set of 24 pastels contains all you need for today's creation. In addition to the pastels, the package includes a pencil, a sharpener, and a brush for dissolving a drawing. For our work to go well, it's necessary to use suitable paper for watercolor or at least cardstock paper.

Tutorial for Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth was created by Jitka Zajickova.

For this time, we attempt an airier, more freehand drawing. We won't cling to details that much. Instead, we'll try to express the essence of leaves. The following tutorial is, therefore, suitable not only for adults but also for small artists.

And what else will we need besides a set of Wax Aquarell pastels and a suitable surface? Prepare a pencil, an eraser, a cup of water, and some leaves as a template.

If you have little experience with drawing and are afraid to work with pastels straight away, help yourself by pre-drawing the motif with a pencil. You can draw either freehand or use a leaf as a template and trace its outline on paper.

Wax Aquarell pastels have a thick core diameter and thus are perfect for spontaneous drawing without tiny details. Therefore, don't hesitate to draw dynamically. Potential blurring will make the picture more interesting.

TIP: Take full advantage of Wax Aquarell and try how they act on a dry and wet surface. Also, you can gently dissolve the drawing with a brush soaked in clear water or take paint directly from the pastels!

For super intense color and also capturing details, draw onto a wet surface, or take paint with a brush directly from the pastel and paint just like you do with watercolors.

You can combine all mentioned techniques and work in layers. Don't be afraid to experiment. That's the only way to achieve a unique outcome!

To finish, you can apply little paint on a very wet brush and, with gentle taps on a brush, splash the picture.

Having the leaf done, we can move to another one! It would be a shame not to capture all colors and shapes falling leaves offer!



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