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Bubble Painting

Let's have a creative activity with Jana Svobodová that will entertain artists of all ages! This time, Jana from the Ateliér Radost prepared for you a tutorial on a somewhat unconventional technique - bubble painting.

You won't need anything special for this painting. All you need is cardstock paper, tempera paints, wax crayons, dish soap, and a few straws. Now we can dive into the work!

First, prepare a color mixture for painting. In a bowl, mix tempera paint with a deciliter of water and a few drops of dish soap. If the mixture appears too light, don't be afraid to add a little tempera paint.

Mix everything and bubble the mixture with a straw and air from your mouth. This way, we can pre-prepare several bowls with various shades.

When the mixtures are ready, take cardstock paper and draw a motif of your choice with wax crayons.

Finally, cover the drawn paper with the bubble mixture. The best way is to lay the colorful mixture gently onto the paper and watch the bubbles slowly burst, leaving a unique trace behind. Keep in mind to maintain the consistency of the colorful mixture all the time with a straw so it would be full of bubbles.

You can finish drawing or painting, cut out, or continue to work with the finished paper as you wish.

Final tip: With this technique, you can create butterfly wings that can serve as a part of a carnival costume or a hanging party decoration. Ideally, cut out the wings from A2-sized cardstock paper.



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