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Capture your holiday memories!

Where did your holiday travels take you? Tell us! Your favourite graphite pencils, fine liners or Magic pencils from the Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth factory are perfect for drawing your summer memories.

Today, we are happy to inspire you with a picture of a man who, full of inspiration from the past summer days, threw himself into drawing.

It doesn't matter whether you draw the image from a photograph or from memory, it is important to sketch the whole composition with a graphite pencil first. This is because drawing with fineliners which leave behind a precise and saturated trace cannot be corrected.

Once you have the image pre-drawn, get to work tracing the individual lines, where, in addition to fine liners, you can also use fibre pens with a wider trace, which are great for colouring larger areas.

Then proceed to colouring the picture with Magic pencils, which have the lead with 3 shades of one colour. These crayons are therefore ideal for colouring the water surface as you don't have to mix different shades of colour to achieve a realistic impression, but just one crayon from the Magic collection is enough.

Finish the last details with classic pencils and you're done! Share with us how you spent your summer and inspire other artists with your work!



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