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Christmas Gift Ideas from Koh-i-noor

Christmas is fast approaching, and you haven't bought all your Christmas presents yet? In that case, the following article is just for you.

We have great ideas for original and practical Christmas presents from Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth that will please artistic souls of any age. So let's begin!

Let's start with a classic belonging among the art tool essentials of every artist, and it's a set of quality 1912 ART graphite pencils. In a practical tin box, you'll find 12 pencils with a graphite core hardness from 8B to 2H. A handy table sharpener will be great not only for graphite pencils but for colored pencils as well, making pencil sharpening a piece of cake!

Another essential part of every artist's art supplies is the colored pencils you find in our assortment in an infinite number. Let's introduce some in more detail. For the youngest artists, we recommend purchasing triangular colored pencils, which are available in the classic version in a paper box of 12 and 24 pieces and also in the thick version packed in paper or tin boxes. The packaging size is the same as the triangular colored pencils in classic size, i.e.12 and 24 pieces in a set.

The most popular type of colored pencils is Polycolor colored pencils, with which both adults and children create fantastic works of art! These artists' colored pencils have high-quality pencil lead with a diameter of 3.8 mm, excellent writing properties, and brilliant shades. Moreover, sets of 24, 36, 48, and 72 colored pencils are supplemented with a quality sharpener and two 1500 graphite pencils. The largest set of Polycolor artists' colored pencils contains an unbelievable number of 144 pieces. Every artist's dream!

A popular colored pencil collection is, among others, MAGIC colored pencils, containing multicolored pencil lead that creates colorful traces. These colored pencils, too, are available in different packaging, for example, with a blending pencil in a set of 12 and 23 pieces. This variant is also available in the Progresso version, i.e., woodless pencils in a lacquer coating.

Talking about Progresso colored pencils and popular unconventional collections, we must mention Progresso Fluorescent with bright shades that will impress everyone!

If a classic drawing has little appeal to you and you would like to try something unconventional, water-soluble aquarelle colored pencils might be the right choice for you. The colored pencils are hexagonal and have a highly pigmented core that is easy to sharpen. In our range of products, you find them in the packaging of various designs and sizes.

In case you're not sure which of the above-mentioned types of colored pencils would please your loved ones, you might like one of our artists' roll pencil cases available with colored or graphite pencils. This gift will bring a smile to everyone's face.

In addition to drawing tools, we offer many products and supplies suitable for painting, such as a set of brilliant aniline colors containing 12 rich color shades suitable for special art techniques, such as photo colorization, painting on decorative objects, etc.

Whatever product from Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth you choose, your loved ones will undoubtedly appreciate finding it under a Christmas tree. You can also have a lot of fun and joy from creation with an ordinary window marker, ink, and pastels.

Visit any of our stores or buy Christmas presents online on Merry Christmas!



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