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Colorful monsters step-by-step

Are you looking for a simple and fun art activity to entertain your children? In that case, you'll like today's tutorial on colorful monsters, which will please both adults and kids!

You'll need only classic or brilliant watercolors, brushes, cardstock paper, a black fineliner, scissors, glue, and a straw. As you'll work with watercolors, a cup of water is a must-have. Having everything prepared, we can get down to work!

First, take a larger round brush, wet it in a cup of water, and create a big wet stain on cardstock paper. Don't be afraid of water, and soak the paper sufficiently.

With a brush, apply watercolors immediately onto the wet area and blow it to the sides with a straw. The richer color, the better. That's also why we mentioned brilliant watercolors in the craft supplies list as well. Their pigments are more intense due to their different composition.

Let the color stain dry sufficiently. Meanwhile, you can make up your mind about how to complete the picture with fineliners.

Cut out eyes from another piece of cardstock paper, draw details and then glue them on the monster on cardstock paper.

Don't put the fineliner away yet. Use it to complete the monster according to your imagination. How many arms and legs will it have? And what about some ears, horns, or a tail?

We're keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to seeing the creations you can share with us, for example, on Facebook or Instagram.



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