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Paint your own colorful rocks!

Did you bring some small pebbles as souvenirs from your summer holiday?

Then it is time to make them beautiful with KOH-I-NOOR acrylic paints! Try it with us, it will be fun!

Thoroughly remove the dirt from the pebbles first and then let them dry. Next, choose the motif you want to paint on them. For example, you can get inspired by the shape of the pebble, its size or even its colour.

You can draw your chosen image on the surface first, either with a graphite pencil or with diluted acrylic paint.

Then all you need to do is prepare your acrylic paints, brushes and a cup of water and you're ready to go!

First, use black acrylic paint to create the outline of the motif.

Once the outlines are completely dry, you can start colouring the individual parts.

Finally, once everything is dry, add highlights and shadows to make the image look more 3D.

The painted pebbles can be displayed both at home and in the garden. Acrylic paints are permanent once dry, so you don't have to worry about your artwork at all. They definitely won't disappear with the first rain, but you can add a layer of a matt or glossy varnish in spray to make sure the image stays intact.

Thank you, Nathalie Škardová, for a lovely cooperation and beautiful rock paintings!



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