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Create a picture of your home with a dip pen and India ink

Find a moment just for yourself in the daily hustle and start creating! All you need to start to draw or paint in the comfort of your home is India ink.

For those who want to start to create with the ink or who want to learn more about this technique we have prepared an article about the history of this media and artists who used ink masterfully. You can also find basic information about ink as such and related accessories in the article.

Nothing can stop you from starting to create step by step with us!

First, it is important to choose a theme that you intend to capture. It can be a favorite thing, an interesting detail or part of the interior of your home.

Prepare an India ink, a dip pen, a cup of water and a large and small brush. You will also need some papers, and if you intend to use a washing technique then get the paper with a weight of 180g/m2 and higher.

If you feel unsure in the beginning, gently sketch the theme with a pencil. Take a dip pen and start drawing according to the sketch.

We recommend drawing larger objects first and gradually moving on to details such as capturing their materials or patterns. It is important to remember that the ink needs some time to dry. When creating, you must be careful not to accidentally smudge the drawing and let all parts dry sufficiently.

When you have the drawing ready and dry, you can start to use a washing technique. In addition to classic black ink, you can also work with colored ink which will bring a happier atmosphere into your drawing. In addition to the ink, prepare a cup of water and brushes.

You can wash the ink in two ways - by applying it on a dry or wet surface. We recommend testing both variants on a piece of paper first so that you know how the ink behaves. Use a piece of paper to continuously test the intensity of the color tone during the washing, too.

Finally, let the created image dry well again and you're done! We will leave it up to you where you place the picture in your home

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