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"Every artist should be able to do experiments" • David Žídek

He has only started with artistic creation recently but apparently found a hobby for life. David Žídek deals in his abstract work full of experiments and colors primarily with the so-called pouring technique. Find more about David and pouring in the following article.

Hello David! To begin with, we would like to know how long you have dedicated yourself to artistic creation?

I've devoted myself to artistic creation since January 2020.

So you're basically a beginner artist. Are you a natural talent, or have you attended professional art classes?

Unfortunately, I wasn't gifted with artistic talent. I actually never even thought about any classes. Once, a friend of mine told me if I wanted to give it a try, and I took a liking to it. Since then, I've worked on myself and reaped the fruits over time.

Interesting beginning. Would you be able to, in a nutshell, describe your artistic creation?

I dedicate myself primarily to creating paintings using the pouring technique. In this technique, colors are poured straight onto a canvas and then adjusted. Sometimes, I create classic paintings as well.

Do you dedicate yourself to abstract paintings only?

I rarely paint specific motifs or objects, mainly due to my brush grip indisposition. Therefore it's the pouring technique, where I do various pouring methods. You can constantly improve in this technique and discover new possibilities. Theoretically, I engage in one field but use diverse methods and adjustments.

Are you the kind of an artist who likes experimenting, or do you stick to tried-and-true methods?

I experiment all the time, and it fulfills me! Every artist should be able to do experiments. I think there resides the beauty of art. It's apparent in my paintings as well. Each one is unique, both in color composition and the way of creation.

We absolutely agree with you! What surface do you prefer for your paintings?

Regarding my paintings, the surface doesn't have any effect on the result because, in the end, I pour paint over the whole painting. Correctly chosen combination, quantity, and density of paint are crucial.

Concerning products from Koh-i-noor, do you have any favorites you would recommend to others?

For the creation of my paintings, I use acrylic paints from Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth. They are intense, and their density is suitable for mixtures. Perfect for the pouring technique!

We're happy to hear that. Have you ever tried to create larger-sized work or even dabbled in three-dimensional object creation?

If it's possible to talk about three-dimensional representation in my works, everyone who looks at my paintings can see something different. Individual colors create a spatial effect and, thus, room for everyone's imagination. I managed to create a 3D effect using custom-made canvases with a side depth of 10 cm. After pouring, the painting also manifests itself on the sides of the canvas, and the work gets a new space and point of view.

Great idea! What does artistic creation mean to you personally? What does it bring you?

My works reflect my mood, feelings, and mental state. That's why creating my paintings often brings me amazement, enthusiasm, and inner peace.

Do you devote yourself to artistic creation regularly, or are you waiting for an impulse?

I think it's not good to be forced to create. Therefore, I am waiting for a creative impulse or a muse to reach and inspire me.

Talking about inspiration, where do you find it most often?

I look for inspiration everywhere. After all, the whole world is one big canvas shining with all different colors.

If you had to mention one artist whose work inspires you, who would it be and why?

For me, it's an artist under an art name Molly's Artistry. I'm fascinated by her methods of creating paintings and the combination of colors used.

What would you like to achieve in the art world?

Every artist wants to achieve fame and earn a good name in the art world, and I hope I'll make it come true one day. My biggest dream is to own a gallery where my works would be exhibited, and I would also offer exhibition areas for promising young artists to realize their dreams.

Beautiful. Thank you, David, for the interview, and we'll keep our fingers crossed!



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