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Easter Eggs Wax Decorating

Decorating eggs during the Easter holidays is one of the longest existing traditions. Every culture, but also city or region has a different style of decoration. In the Czech Republic, many families decorate Easter eggs using a wax technique. A simple way of decorating eggs which anybody can master, including the beginners.

You will need a set of colored wax crayons, a candle, a dish for melting wax, which can be replaced by an ordinary teaspoon. Then you will need blown eggs, an egg stand, a pencil and a pin.

First, prepare the eggs. Using a sharp and pointed tool, make a hole on the top and the bottom of the egg. Then flush out the contents of the egg by blowing hard.

Clean and degrease the eggs. Take a pencil and stick it into the other end. The larger the head of the pin is, the thicker is the wax stroke.

Light a candle and place a piece of wax crayon in a metal dish. Place it over the candle and heat it until the wax is completely melted. You can combine different colors to create your own colors.

Place the egg in the stand, or just hold it in your hand. Take a pencil with a pin and dip the head into the melted wax. Start decorating immediately.

Even though wax hardens very quickly, still be careful not to smudge the pattern. if the decor does not correspond with your idea, it can be easily scraped from the egg surface by a knife or other sharp tool.

There are no limits to creativity. Many of you have shared your beautifully decorated Easter eggs with us on Facebook already, so enjoy a small preview.



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