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Drawing a portrait step by step

Are you looking for inspiration for your creation? What about a portrait drawing with popular hard pastels from Koh-i-noor? For example, you can make a portrait according to a model, photograph, or your imagination and thus even dabble in illustration. Don't be afraid if you have no experience with this technique or portrait drawing. In the following lines, we'll help you with that!

First, you need to choose paper suitable for drawing with these pastels. Then, of course, prepare hard pastels, a reference picture, and possibly a pencil and eraser.

Let's start with planning the whole composition on the chosen paper format.

In the next step, lay out a face in sketches.

After sketching the face, begin coloring individual parts of the portrait.

Capture shadows and lights using various colors of pastels. You definitely don't have to be afraid of using colors!

Keep coloring individual parts of the face till the entire portrait is complete.

Then, take a light beige color and unify the face.

When you finish the face, let's move to, for example, the neck area and shade it.

To finish, fine-tune the details, and it's done!

If you prefer to create with soft pastels, you'll definitely like the work of Tomasz Czajkowski, with whom we once had an inspirational interview that you can find on our blog.



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