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Drawing with Aquarelle Pencils

Do you like watercolor pictures but have no experience with this technique? We have a simple solution for you. Let's start with aquarelle colored pencils, with which the picture realization is much easier.

To create a motif, you'll need a graphite pencil, a set of aquarelle colored pencils, paper suitable for the aquarelle technique, brushes, and a cup of water.

For their properties, aquarelle colored pencils belong among the popular products in the Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth assortment. Moreover, some are placed in a practical tin box that is easy to transport, so you can take them wherever you go.

Tip: We recommend a special PopAquarell watercolor pad with textured paper and higher GSM for watercolor drawing.

Begin with choosing a motif you'll draw. It can be, for example, an old town nook, like in this case. Sketch the motif with a pencil on the surface. Apart from a pencil, you can already use one of the aquarelle colored pencils.

When you'll have the picture pre-drawn, take a set of aquarelle colored pencils and start coloring. You can cross-hatch slightly the places where you want to have light colors.

Let the white surface show through entirely if you want to capture lights and reflections. On the contrary, repeat the cross-hatching a few times where you want to emphasize the shadows, and don't be afraid of using dark hues as well.

Then it's time to create a watercolor effect, i.e., dissolving pigments with a wet brush. Don't worry. There's nothing to be afraid of. Dissolving a colored pencil drawing is very simple. But keep in mind that some lines and details should remain sharp so that it's clear what's depicted in the picture. For fine details, you can draw with a wet colored pencil right away.

To finish, let the picture dry sufficiently.



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