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Easy Craft for Kids that Welcome Spring

Spring is here, and with it also new themes for the creation with kids!

This time, we prepared an easy tutorial on colorful birdies who return to us after winter from warmer climates.

Leave a bird atlas closed and let your imagination run riot. Only then do original illustrations come into existence, and children will definitely be enthused by their creation!

To make this picture, you'll need a pencil, colored or not, watercolors, a brush, a cup of water, paper with a higher GSM, a black fineliner, and a bit of imagination. Let's begin!

Use a colored pencil to gently draw on paper the outline that you will subsequently color in using watercolors.

Having the outline sketched, take a brush and sufficiently wet the paper where you want to have it colored in.

Start immediately to paint on the wet surface using watercolors. Few smudges by brush are enough to create a remarkable design, as they blur thanks to the damp surface.

You can mix colors according to your taste, but watch out for dirty shades.

When you finish the painting with watercolors, let the picture dry fully.

After having the picture completely dry, take a black fineliner and use it to highlight the silhouette of the birdie.

Using the fineliner, finish all details, such as eyes, a beak, or feathers, and don't forget that imagination knows no boundaries.

Finally, draw legs, and that's it!

Afterward, you can cut the illustration of the bird out, use transparent tape to attach it to a skewer stick, and then poke it into a flower pot. Have fun!



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