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"I'm most confident in pencil drawing" • Eliška Havlová

Eliška Havlová is a young student of architecture who, in her free time, dedicates herself to fine arts. And she does it exceptionally well! She is admired for her work on social networks, and we, too, fell for her original work!

“Some girls collect purses, others make-up, and I collect art supplies. If someone visits me, they feel like they are in a stationary store,” says Eliška, with whom we talked about studies, art techniques, digital art, and her plans for the future.

Hello Eliška! Do you remember the moment you fell for the charm of fine arts?

I can't say exactly when I started enjoying fine arts. But it was during my years in kindergarten when my parents understood it could be a direction I would take after unsuccessful attempts to teach me to play a musical instrument or dance.

Have you got any professional art education, or are you a natural talent?

During my first five years at primary school, my parents enrolled me in art school, where I underwent talent tests. Regular drawing twice a week was quite exacting sometimes, so I often thought about leaving but always gave it another year.

When I was 15, I drew my first series of graduate work on "Monuments of the city of Vlašim." I think it was the moment I realized I liked architecture. Immediately afterward, I started at the secondary technical school of construction, the field of architecture and interior design. My art teacher subsequently left for maternity leave, and a young college student replaced her, bringing a great atmosphere into the lessons. We worked with new techniques and tried interesting materials. Her arrival was why I also finished a second cycle three years later. The subject of my graduate work was "Famous works through the eyes of a famous author." The principle is that you take an art technique of one artist and transfer it into the work of another one. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic beginning, I couldn't defend my work at the ceremony.

As you've already mentioned, you're an architecture student. How do you combine studies and your artistic creation?

Yes, I study architecture. As I always say, studying architecture isn't complicated in theory but in time. But I always make time for things I enjoy. Both painting and drawing have always been a way for me to clear my head and relax for a while. However, sometimes I don't even take a brush into my hands, having a creative block. Other times I need to use five A4 sheets for my drawing. Thanks to covid, I had so much time I could dedicate myself fully to Instagram and improve my drawing and painting skills.

Every cloud has a silver lining. What subjects do you like to depict the most and why?

As for my own work, I prefer architecture, still life, and inanimate objects in general. Architecture, because I like details and history. But in general, I choose according to a shot rather than the subject. The given motif must catch my interest.

Interesting opinion. Obviously, you're not afraid of art techniques. However, if you had to choose one of your favorites, which would it be?

I was afraid of this question, as it's hard to answer. I'm most confident in pencil drawing, which was my first technique. Gradually, I added acrylic paints, and then, thanks to social networks, I discovered gouache paints. During covid, I predominantly used markers for drawing. The only, let's say, basic techniques I avoid are watercolor and colored pencil drawing.

We definitely wouldn't be afraid of them with your talent. You often use products from Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth for creating. Which one is your favorite?

Some girls collect purses, others makeup, and I collect art supplies. If someone visits me, they feel like they are in a stationary store. Koh-i-noor were my very first professional art supplies, and I still keep them at home after the years. Graphite pencils and acrylic paints undoubtedly belong among my favorites. I also recall when, in the fourth grade, one of my classmates brought aniline colors to the art lesson that weren't that popular at the time, and I just had to have them immediately.

We're happy about that! Are you more inclined towards traditional art techniques, or do you also like to dabble in the field of new media?

I'm more for traditional techniques, which I try to combine in different ways. Not always do we get the desired result with one medium. I like to combine, for instance, acrylic paints with markers, or I create collages.

What do you think about digital art in general?

Personally, I like it very much, and I try to learn the basics because of school. Graphic tablets can do wonders, but the result says more about the competencies of the person in the given program rather than about artistic value. At least, that's how it seems to me sometimes. If someone manages both, the result is incredible. The same applies to architecture. Your visualization is as good as you're good in the given 3D program.

You're absolutely right. Talking about others, do you have some favorite painters, drawing artists, or architects?

Not quite. I always judged artists by their work rather than by their names. But if I had to give some names, I admire Vincent Van Gogh, Alfons Mucha, and Pavlína Kourková, whose flower paintings are a huge mystery to me. Then I must mention Miroslav Vomáčka, and as for architecture, Zaha Hadid and Eva Jiřičná.

Great personalities. Where do you draw inspiration for your artistic work? Do you visit galleries or take inspiration from the surrounding world?

I don't visit galleries much, so my source of inspiration is the world around me. I get most from Instagram, where I follow small artists from around the world. I draw individual motifs from Pinterest and, eventually, from various architectural websites. Besides, I also take photos.

Do you also create custom pictures or dedicate yourself solely to your own ideas?

Yes, although it's not on a regular basis, I've already made a few custom works. It was mainly pencil drawings and acrylic paintings on canvas. But I haven't launched myself into larger formats yet.

At least you still have room for growth. Talking about the future, do you have any plans concerning art? For instance, do you plan any exhibitions?

I wish to create a complete series on one theme, but it needs time. Having my own exhibition is my dream. Make arrangements with a small cafe or buffet where I would exhibit my pictures for a few weeks and possibly sell them.

We keep our fingers crossed! Thank you!



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