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Enjoyable drawing with Progresso Aquarell

Create your pet or any other motif using Progresso watercolour woodless pencils.

Working with them is easy, fun and the result looks just great! Will you give it a try?

First of all, make sure you have all the necessary tools. You'll need a Versatil pencil or regular graphite pencil, kneaded eraser, soft eraser in pencil, Progresso Aquarell set, round brushes, water cup and paper suitable for watercolor painting.

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We recommend sketching the motif you intend to capture with a pencil or with already mentioned Versatil pencil. Then you can prepare other materials.

Progresso Aquarell crayons are as easy to work with as classic Progresso pencils. However, this type can be spreaded with water into uniform areas.

In places you want to keep lighter, just draw lightly. Shadows, on the other hand, require thicker layers. If you want to achieve a strong light effect, we recommend using an eraser.

Once you have the picture drawn, you can move on to wash the colour pigment using the round brushes. However, you don't have to wash the whole drawing, just leave the strokes visible on the paper and the image will look more realistic.

Finally, let the image dry well and you're done! Share with us your experience with Progresso Aquarell. Post a comment below or share your watercolor paintings and other creations with us. We will be looking forward to it!



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