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Flowers from crepe paper

Everyone knows colored crepe paper, but few know how broad its utilization can be. This time, we decided to create the same flowers from crepe paper you know from the funfair rifle range. Will you get down to it with us?

You'll need the crepe paper mentioned above that you get in all our stores and online in the set of ten pieces or separately. You can choose from two color combinations, Spectrum mix and Classic mix. Prepare scissors, a wooden skewer, and possibly green acrylic paint with a brush.

Take out a roll of crepe paper in the selected color from the packaging and leave it coiled in a roll. Use scissors to cut out a shred of a roll about eight to ten centimeters wide.

Disentangle the cut-out roll, and if you want, cut it in the middle of its length for a smoother work with paper at the beginning, but don't do that If you want a flower to be really big and thick.

Unroll the paper to its full length and fold it in half. Do the same again at least three times according to the length of the strip of paper. Keep in mind that the rectangle you create mustn't be too high as it would be difficult to cut.

Having the paper folded, take scissors and begin to cut flowers on its top. Flowers can be of various shapes, from hillocks shapes, as in our case, to cut paper from above on strips, etc. The more unique the cut pattern, the more original the flower will be!

Having the flowers cut out, unroll the paper again to its full length and begin to make an accordion fold. While folding the flowers, rotate them slowly so the folds are all around and the flower gets the desired shape

Our tip:

It would be a shame not to use such beautiful colors of crepe paper. Try to create multicolored flowers. All you need to do is to tie new crepe paper to the finished flower from another colored paper and continue folding.

Tie the finished flower with a string, rubber band, or wire.

As the next step, prepare the stem made of an ordinary wooden skewer you can paint with green acrylic color, or leave it the way it is.

Finally, use a wire to attach the flower to the stem, and it's complete! Do you already know to whom you will give the flowers?



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