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Get ready to go back to school!

It may seem too early to think of school, however it is better to be safe than sorry!

That's why we'll give you some tips in the following post on what you shouldn't forget when sending your child to school one first day so that everything goes smoothly.

Pens to write are absolutely essential for every student. The Torpedo roller, for example, which can be purchased in a practical set with a pencil eraser, will come in handy. Graphite pencils, erasers, glue sticks, pencil sharpeners or scissors will also come in handy. A set of good quality school fibre pens should not be forgotten either.

Every school kid’s pencil case should include high-quality colored pencils, which we offer in various designs like half size and long school colored pencils, which are available in sets or individually. For first graders who are just learning to grip a pencil correctly, we would recommend the triangular pencils, which guarantee optimal grip and guidance. On the other hand, more experienced kids might like the woodless pencils or the pencils with the special three-colour MAGIC lead.

Older children will certainly find drawing tools useful in mathematics lessons, namely a ruler, set square, compass, protractor and pencils for drawing.

In addition to a well-equipped pencil case, every school child should have a well-equipped art case. It should include water and tempera colours, brushes, pallet, wax crayons, technical ink and modelling clay. In our range you will also find, for example, coloured paper, sketchbooks for drawing heavier papers, which children will also certainly use.

In addition to the items mentioned above, you can also buy notebooks, notepads, workbooks and boards, whiteboard and so on in our e-shop.

Explore our wide range on

and don't get surprised by the start of the next school year!



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