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"I transfer feelings to the others through art" • Klaudie Švrčková

Klaudie Švrčková comes from Český Těšín and is one of the painters of contemporary modern art. At her young age, she has had a number of author exhibitions, which has been her dream for a very long time, as she has been drawing and painting since her early age.

Even though she never attended a course or art school, she found meaning in art and an even greater motivation to paint at home. There was a desire to improve and eventually move to work on bigger projects.

You mainly paint portraits. Is there a specific reason for it?

For a long time I was looking for the right style of painting. I wanted to create something unique, images that people would clearly recognize to be from me. I've always enjoyed figuring out the reasons why people act in a certain way. That is why they have always been an inspiration for my paintings, which began to emerge in a pop-art style that was simple but at the same time very concise and pleasant to look at.

Everyone could find something of their own in the paintings, because they can feel the feeling the person has in the painting and it connects them with their own story.

I can suddenly transfer feelings to the others through art. So I try to do what I feel, what I enjoy, and it is in harmony with all the creatures on our planet, including Earth itself, to live a full life. I think that energy comes from me to my paintings and then it goes from paintings to people. Then they can recognize it or it can even motivate them.

Where did your interest in art come from and why did you choose fine art?

I have been drawing and painting since an early age. Thanks to my parents and grandparents, who have been constantly creating and drawing with me, I became very interested in the fine arts. First I created using pencils, then with watercolors. However, over time I wanted to start working on larger projects and since 2015 my interest and colors have shifted mainly to the canvas.

You are a self-taught artist and have never attended any art school. Don't you ever regret it? Or maybe do you even take it as an advantage?

One has to make many decisions in life and often one can choose only one path and leave the other for the next life. Fortunately, no decision is ever wrong one, it is just one of those ways, so I do not regret anything. I studied at the eight-year grammar school in Český Těšín, now I am a student at the University of Economics in Brno. At both schools, the advantage was that one is between people with different interests and views, not stuck in the bubble of fine arts. That's nice, it opens up space to get to know other fields as well.

At the same time, I also avoided comparing my drawings and paintings with other students in the classroom and the influence of teachers on my painting style. I don't think that after graduating from art school I would be creating paintings in the style I'm doing now, and that would be a shame. Maybe I missed interesting collaborations that would arise on the basis of studying at an art school.

What technique do you most often create with and why?

My work is made with a combination of acrylic-tempera painting in pop art, comics and modern style set mainly in portraits. The painting technique I devote myself to is quickly recognizable and simple for the eyes. I often work on images with a limited range of colors, which are applied through clearly defined areas.

In a characteristic way, pop-art paintings reflect the feelings, opinions, problems and joys of people from one unique world. The world in which we live, and in which it is necessary to draw attention to the little things in the form of art. Also the need to think about the meaning and form of human time and life on this unique planet.

That sounds amazing! Why did you choose painting and not drawing or some other graphic technique?

At exhibitions, I have always admired large layers of paint applied to stretched canvases. I wanted to do the same in a similar size. At the same time, I enjoyed working with canvas and colors.

What do you like most about pop-art and why did you choose to create in this style?

I have always liked modern paintings in pop-art and comics style, they are very simple, and at the same time quite complex. Pop-art paintings have often only a limited range of colors that are applied through clearly defined areas, which fascinated me and I wanted to create my paintings exactly on this principle.

Do you have a favorite artist whose work inspires you?

I try not to look for inspiration at work of other painters. My thoughts popping to my mind are then following similar or identical topics and I do not tend to come up with something original. However, I admire a number of artists, including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Zuzanna Jankowska, Kate Fuks, Lucie Kadlčíková, Gary Cartlidge, Edyta Grzyb, NDZW, Criss Bellini, Han Young Joon, Polly Kole, Gabriel Moreno, Joel Rea, Chris Guest , Henrik Aa. Uldalen, and many more.

Approximately how long does it take to create one painting?

It's different. It's no longer like I painted every day. I have time periods when I don't paint at all, I just take notes on my mobile phone. And then comes another time period when I work on a series of paintings and the whole series is ready at the end of one week. I usually create a series of about 15 paintings which I work on at the same time. I have canvases placed all over the room and I add one layer of color to every painting and then move to another layer. This is how I paint all the layers on all the paintings and then work is over. When I start to paint, I don't like to leave the images undone, then it loses the right energy. If I worked on the painting for a long time and in the meantime had time to think too long, the original idea would disappear completely. Thoughts and views often change quickly.

What art supplies do you like to use for your work?

Since the beginning of my work, I have been using acrylic and distemper paints from Koh-i-noor, which I am very satisfied with. Acrylic paints have a shiny touch and can be used with even larger layers and it brings more elaborate structure. Tempera paints, on the other hand, are matte and look good on the facial parts of the image.

You have participated in quite a few exhibitions during your short career as an artist. Which of them do you remember the most and why?

There are a lot of showrooms in the Czech Republic that have allowed me to exhibit my paintings and, based on that, beautiful collaborations have emerged. Since 2018, I have made 31 solo exhibitions throughout the Czech Republic. I really enjoyed them all, but I remember my very first exhibition the most. It took place in Brno and over 70 people came to see the opening, it was amazing. Everything was new for me and at the same time a big dream came true to have my own exhibition. This event also launched my show marathon until the showrooms had to close due to the spread of coronavirus.

It is possible to buy your paintings on your website. Do you also create commission pieces?

I prefer to devote myself to my own work and ideas, but when an interesting offer and cooperation appears that would interest me in some way, would move me forward and I know that I would enjoy it, I am happy to make a custom painting.

Have you ever tried to create 3D works?

Not 3D works, but acrylic paints allow me to make thicker layers on my paintings. So I can paint a painting, on which the model's hair would stand out directly from the canvas, and then the painting looks more realistic and the structure of the color gives it an interesting look.

You live near Polish border so you can have a short walk to visit Polish galleries. Do you attend local exhibitions or have you even exhibited paintings abroad?

Unfortunately, I only go to exhibitions occasionally, but I have been to several Polish galleries. Since I live in Český Těšín, which is divided into the Czech and Polish side, I have participated twice in a total international exhibition on the occasion of the festival "Open Studios" in the Polish Gallery. I really enjoyed it.

Do you have a dream when it comes to fine arts?

Five years ago, I had a number of dreams including organizing exhibitions in our capital city Prague. Thanks to the people who supported me and my artwork, I have managed to fulfill all my dreams in the last four years. I appreciate that people like my work and exhibitions and I can do what I enjoy. At the same time, I see it as a gift and an opportunity to spread awareness of certain problems, but also the joys. I'm really looking forward to what art will bring to me and to people who enjoy my work in the future.

Thank you for a wonderful interview Klaudie! Good luck on your journey!



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