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"I try to avoid role models in art" • Eliška Kulíková

Enter with us the magical world of Eliška Kulíková, full of fairy tale creatures, and the beauty of nature.

This talented painter from Prague does not fear any technique, including digital painting. For the realization of her paintings, she primarily uses oil colors. You simply fall for her paintings as our entire editorial staff did.

How did your artistic story begin? Have you been painting since your childhood?

Yes, I've been painting since early childhood. I went to Elementary Art School and didn't do practically anything else. While my peers had fun, I was at home, painting. As time went by, the hobby became an inseparable part of my life.

So as for the art, it was love at first sight. Do you remember the moment you decided you wanted to devote yourself to art?

I don't remember the exact moment where I decided I wanted to be a painter. Somehow I've known it since I was small. I do remember, though, that when I was in sixth grade, I had already known I wanted to attend the High School of Art. At that moment, I practically decided which direction in life to take. I've never doubted my decision, always known what I want to do in my life.

Have you completed any professional art education?

I went to the High School of Art and studied the discipline of painting. I also attended many drawing and sculpture courses, etc., but I've always been more into practice than theory.

We understand that. Who supports you the most in your art career?

I would say it's people close to me, my partner, and my parents. The Elementary Art School would be hard to finish without my father, who has always supported me. And of course, I can't forget to mention my followers and fans, who motivate me a lot, and I wouldn’t be where I'm now without them.

An ideal environment for your creation! What are your favorite art techniques?

Oil painting is my great love. There are many ways to work with this technique, and I find its color structure remarkable. When working with oil, it feels kind of poetic. Colors blend perfectly, and the oil enables me to work the way that wouldn't work with other techniques. It takes quite some time to finish my paintings, sometimes even months, and I like playing with details. As the oil hardens very slowly, I'm able to interfere repeatedly in one place, something impossible when you're painting with aquarelle.

I also learn to work with digital painting, where I appreciate its undemanding preparation. When I'm in no mood for preparation and cleaning, I opt for a tablet.

Although my primary technique is oil painting, I also like traditional techniques. I've been avoiding modern techniques for a long time, but I've understood there are advantages, and now I take a liking to digital painting.

Whatever technique you decide on, the results are always admirable. Do you have a favorite artist or even a role model in art?

I try to avoid role models in art. They could influence my work more than I'd like, and my paintings wouldn't be authentic. But I have many favorite artists, whether from history or contemporary. Among others, there's Egon Schiele, Alfons Mucha, and Jiří Trnka. Current artists I like are, for example, Shana Van Maurik, Ruth Speer, Satine Zillah, and Katastrofé.

An interesting enumeration. If you had to choose one painting by any artist, which one would it be?

I'm afraid I'm not able to answer this question. I have several favorite paintings, but it is impossible to name only one.

It doesn't matter at all. Let's go back to you. How much time in a week do you spend on your creation?

It differs. Sometimes, I need more time for administration, e-mails, or e-shop orders, and sometimes, there is more time for creation. I try to create every day, even if just to make a little doodle in a sketchbook.

So broadly speaking, for you, art is a full-time job? Is it demanding to do art for a living?

I think I can't answer this question generally. I can only tell from my point of view. It certainly is demanding in some situations and might not be for everyone. But it isn't impossible.

Where are you looking for inspiration the most?

I'm not looking for it, it must come to me. I can't influence when and how it comes, it's about random ideas. I just pay attention to my surroundings, taking note of structures, shapes, and colors.

I like going to exhibitions, browsing through illustrations in books, and watching cartoons. I happen to find inspiration unexpectedly and by chance. If I would look for it intentionally, nothing good comes from it.

To create my first elf, I was inspired by an illustration of a sheep man in the book “The Strange Library“ by Murakami. It changed the direction of my creation. I still paint elves and fairies, and primarily various nature motifs.

An interesting story. Do you have any favorite products from Koh-I-Noor?

Definitely pencils, charcoal, and other drawing tools. I use soft lead pencils a lot, ideally 4-8B. I also like acrylic colors, but other materials I usually use are from different brands.

We are delighted! To conclude, will you tell us what you're planning for 2022?

Because Covid has already frustrated many of my plans, I haven't made any for this year. I want to work on my projects and paint. I will wait with plans concerning exhibitions and let myself be surprised what this year will bring.

Fingers crossed, Eliška. Thank you!



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