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Inspiration for fibre pens lovers

Fibre pens lovers beware! In the following article you will find lots of inspiration from experienced Czech artists who use these art tools to create amazing masterpieces.

Two Czech artists have recently caught our attention and we have decided to collaborate with them. The first one is the always in a good mood Vendula Tylová.

She was introduced to art at a young age, but she has always been self-taught and only started to focus on her work two years ago, which certainly doesn't detract from the quality of her portfolio.

She likes to create with pencils, colored pencils, fibre pens and also is not afraid to paint with acrylic paints on canvas. The signature of her work are contrasting drawings of human figures, mostly women, done with black fine liners and fibre pens, usually complemented by elements of gold or red. Human figures are also often combined with natural motifs, geometry or typography.

"Inspiration usually comes to me naturally, I get it from many sources, mainly from within myself, but also from the outside world," describes Vendula. As she is a very sensitive person, art helps her to deal with emotions she receives and to transmit them to viewers through her work. "I'm glad that I don't create just pictures but also something that makes people think about the message of the piece, at least I hope so. Art is an emotion itself," says Vendula.

The second artist who caught our attention is Pavel Císař. According to his own words, he knew about KOH-I-NOOR before he knew about his artistic abilities. Pavel comes from a family of painters and is a great experimenter with many years of experience in various techniques from pen drawing to oil painting. During his career as an artist, he has also explored several different drawing and painting styles, but eventually found himself drawn to abstraction.

"I started by doodling on a school desk as a kid," he says with a smile. "The first paintings were landscapes or still lifes. Eventually I started adding my own ideas until suddenly it had nothing to do with landscapes. Then I discovered abstract art."

In recent years he has been working on oil paintings, pen drawings, but mainly on watercolour paintings. Pavel owes the discovery of his distinctive artistic style to his cat Sam.

"I was looking for mediums and materials that would be easy to clean up and wouldn't turn a rusty cat into a flamingo," says Pavel. "Imagine the panic when a cat disaster is coming your way and you've got oil paints everywhere and you can already see how you're going to scrub the cat from paints that are guaranteed for fifty years of colour fastness," he laughs.

In addition to aquarells, inks and oil colours, he also uses Versatil pencils, colored pencils, watercolors and Progresso in his work, which can be seen on Instagram. "I recently discovered KOH-I-NOOR's technical fibre pens and haven't let go of them since!"

Get inspired by the paintings of Vendula Tylová and Pavel Císař and explore their portfolio on social media. Their work is definitely worth a look!

And what do you create? Email us photos of your work on and you could be the next inspiring artist we mention in our articles!



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