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Explore the Magic Collection

Many of you already know the Magic collection of colored pencils with a multicolored core. In Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth, we put these original colored pencils on the market at the beginning of the new millennium, in 2000. Since then, these colored pencils have captured the hearts of many artists and children for whom they are simply magical!

But only a few know that in this product line, you'll find more than classic marbled colored pencils. Therefore we decided to dedicate the following article to these colorful gems and introduce other products from this magical collection.


The lead of Magic colored pencils contains three different colors, leaving unique variegated traces when used. You can affect stroke color simply by twisting the nib. An effective way to use Magic colored pencils is linear drawing. Even with a simple drawing motif, you can achieve a surprisingly great result thanks to a multicolored lead. But they are also perfect for coloring large areas like sky, water surface, or grass. Thanks to their varicolored pencil lead, you don't have to change colored pencils and mix shades complicatedly.

You can very well use Magic colored pencils in ordinary drawing and sketching to liven up the picture and make it more dynamic thanks to untraditional color trace. Quick sketches of portraits and figures get a lively and nontraditional character without much effort.

Using Magic colored pencils for studying is fun. Underlining in scripts and exercise books gains a new dimension. Lettering and journaling lovers opt for Magic colored pencils to create sexy headlines or easy and quick illustrations.

Illustrator and designer Martin French does amazing work with them.


Triangular thick Magic colored pencils

We make Magic colored pencils in several versions. The most popular ones are thick and triangular with a typical marbled design, and they are available in sets 12+1 or 23+1. A white mixing pencil is included in the set, serving as a blender.

Those who only need a few basic shades can try a small set of six Magic colored pencils. These colored pencils are made from FSC® certified wood from responsibly managed forests.

Jumbo triangular Magic pencils

Lovers of wood and simplicity reach for the version of Magic colored pencils without a typical marbled design but with a fantastic dip end. The polished surface of the wood is completed with three colored strips depending on the lead composition and beautiful golden dip end. This set is also FSC® certified, containing 12 color shades, and is also complemented with a suitable eraser, sharpener, and blender.

Round colored pencils with multicolored lead

Those who like natural wood texture and rounded shapes have other possibilities of choice in the Magic line. Magic 3442 and Magic 3444 are sets of 11 and 23 elegant multicolored colored pencils with a blender. Their classic round shape allows you to hold the pencil comfortably. Thanks to beautiful metal packaging, they are perfect as a gift.

Drawing from talented Alexandra from @alexandrasketching.

Magic Progresso colored pencils

Do you have a thing for Progresso colored pencils and their intense scent? This type of colored pencil, consisting of only a pastel core in a protective lacquer, is also available in the Magic collection. Their coat is decorated with a delicate winter motif of snowflakes and is made in a set of 12 and 24 shades.

Magic Versatil mechanical pencil

We also have a Magic version of the legendary Versatil mechanical pencil for die-hard fans. You can live it up with a 5,6 mm diameter pencil lead on paper. Plus, this Versatil pencil is a truly magical gift.

Special types of Magic colored pencils

Other types of “magical” colored pencils are available individually. Some have really untraditional colors and names: America, Fire, Tropical, and Neon.

Look at the amazing artwork of Alexandra from @alexandra_sketching and be inspired.


Still can't get enough of the Magic rainbow collection? If not, erasers in this design could catch your eye. Multicolored erasers are available in two sizes.


We save something close to our hearts for last, a hedgehog. During its existence, it became one of the symbols of the Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth stores.

The wooden pencil stand isn't only a great and practical helper but also a beautiful decoration! You can choose from several sizes and color variants. For example, a small red, blue, and pink hedgehog was made in the Magic edition. A brown hedgehog is available in a large version.



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