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Drawing with Progresso Magic crayons

Enjoy this product from the KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH assortment at its best and create a picture with us with a Christmas motif, which will make a splendor either on the wall in the interior or as a Christmas card for your loved ones.

The popular set of varnished Progresso pencils has joined forces with the equally popular Magic collection and something great has been created, Progresso Magic!

These are varnished pencils without a wooden cover with a three-colored core, where each pencil of one color contains three shades. The pencils create a multicolored mark that changes with the rotation of the tip. Thanks to the three-colored core, the resulting effect of the drawing is more plastic and realistic than with a classic crayon drawing.

But that’s enough about theory, let's get to work!

Prepare paper, pencil, Progresso Magic set, black fineliner and eraser for possible repairs.

First, use a graphite pencil to gently sketch your chosen motif. We decided to draw snow-covered cottages.

When you have finished the outline, go to color the image using Progresso Magic. Their great advantage is that, thanks to the multi-color pencil, you do not have to deal with any additional mixing of color shades.

After you have painted the picture, take a black fineliner in your hand to highlight all the lines that you have pre-drawn with a pencil in the first step of the manual.

Finally, with the help of a fineliner, you can also create hatches that highlight the structure and material of each object. And it is done!



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