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Make floating boats with your kids!

Make your kid’s free time more enjoyable by creating with KOH-I-NOOR products. In addition to already well-known products, you can also find some special products in our assortment.

One of them is light modelling clay that even floats on water! Get yourself ready for the loud screams of joy!

Modelling clay has been a favourite among children and adults alike for many years. It has even become part of every child's school equipment.

You can easily model practically anything from a giraffe to a boat out of modelling clay. Come and make a sailing boat with us! Thanks to this light version it won't sink in the water!

To make the boats, our little helper first collected some leaves and twigs. We used modelling clay, which we carefully knead before, to make a shape resembeling a walnut shell for safe sailing.

We rounded its bottom, so it wouldn't tilt to one side or the other. Once the ideal shape was created, we attached a larger leaf representing a sail, using a piece of a stick that gives the boat the needed balance.

Finally, we fine-tuned the last aesthetic details, headed to the nearest lake and had a lot of fun!

You can find light modelling clay in a pack containing ten vibrant colours, just like the classic modelling clay is offered in our range. Now it's up to you whether you want to create a steamer or water lilies.



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