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The magic of abstraction with metallic inks

In one of our blog articles we discussed the history of Indian inks and their use in art. However, did you know that we also make metallic versions of them at Koh-i-noor? You'll be amazed by the large range of beautifully rich colours, as well as their wide range of uses.

Metallic drawing inks are ideal not only for all lovers of dip pen and ink drawing and lettering, but also for complete beginners, who can take inspiration from one of our earlier articles in which we covered dip pen drawing in detail in a step-by-step tutorial.

We have one idea for you today! Join us in an abstract drawing based on a happy accident and colour mixing.

Classic shellac inks are tinted with fine pigment pastes. In the case of the metallic type, tiny sparkling particles are added to guarantee the lovely shimmering effect. This stands out beautifully on both dark backgrounds and classic white paper. Don't be afraid to experiment and try drawing with metallic inks on different types of surfaces.

This time we started experimenting a bit. Let's try it together!

Drip a few drops of ink onto a glossy A4 tile, either directly using the applicator on the lid of the pack, or with a synthetic brush.

You can play with individual colour combinations as well as the size of the colour areas. You can even mix inks on top of each other, for example gold ink dripping into turquoise, magenta or purple creates a beautiful effect.

Work quickly, don't let the ink dry too much, and carefully place a larger white cardstock on the created area. Using chalk glossy paper will produce a different result when inked than a traditional cardstock, into which the ink will be much more absorbed.

Run your fingers over the paper on the tile several times, let the ink soak into the paper and then carefully lift it.

The result is an abstract composition based on a happy accident, colour mixing, as well as your pressure and the amount of ink dripped.

What can you see in the picture? A fish, a jellyfish or trees, or perhaps a sea coral?

Clean the used tile with a wet wipe. You can also use a thin black fineliner or calligraphy markers to go with them around the colour splashes once they have dried. In our case, we also used rich aquarelle pencils to shade the different areas.

What do you think? Will you try it? Explore the wide range of KOH-I-NOOR inks on our e-shop or our stores. We look forward to seeing your creations!

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