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Modeling clays from Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth

Following lines are devoted to all for whom two-dimensional creation is just not enough.

In the Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth assortment, you find several types of modeling clays, which serve perfectly for the realization of your three-dimensional creative ideas. Let's introduce them all!


Classic plasticine clay is not adored only by kids. Besides children, this colorful malleable clay is also utilized by experienced artists and designers, such as Petr Stehlík, who expanded on this topic in a recent interview.

Plasticine clay, also known as modeling clay, is a malleable substance composed of gypsum, petroleum jelly, lanolin, and other compositions. It is a good choice for little artists, who can, over time, easily recreate their creations into another work of art.

Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth offers several versions of this favorite colorful clay. In the stores and online, you can buy classic modeling clay, which comes in handy for kids' home crafts and also art lessons. This type of plasticine is offered in a set of five, ten, or twenty color pieces or in a package with practical modeling spatulas.

Besides plasticine clay with classic color blocks, you also find fluorescent modeling clay in our assortment, containing 5 brightly-colored pieces of modeling clay.


At first glance, this super-light modeling clay does not differ from the classic one at all, but its properties get you! Creations made from this clay float on water, something we have already tested together in one of our articles. Children will instantly fall in love with it.


Modeling clay Stop Bacteria have undergone special antibacterial treatment, and neither this clay should escape your attention. The unique property of the Stop Bacteria product line resides in the destruction of bacteria right on the product surface. The growth of dangerous bacteria, every day endangering the health of your little ones, is prevented with a long-lasting effect.

The antibacterial efficacy is verified by the State Institute of Public Health in Prague. You find more information concerning the whole antibacterial product line STOP here. Let your children play in a carefree manner and develop their imagination without worrying about their health.


MASS modeling clay is intended for more experienced individuals, but with a little help, even the youngest manages to work with it. The specific property of this clay is thermosetting. You can model an interior decoration, a pendant, or even a figure that hardens when baked in a regular home oven at 120 ° C for 30 minutes.


Contrary to modeling clay Mass, Keraplast clay is air-drying at room temperature. So even children can work with Keraplast clay individually. Afterward, the finished and hardened products can be painted with acrylic colors or varnished.


Another type of favorite Keraplast modeling clay is the version in Terracotta color. Its properties are identical to those of Keraplast in white color. This color please all lovers of classic ceramic, to which it is very similar.


Besides classic Keraplast clay, you also find in our assortment its lightened version. Before modeling, it is better to knead the clay in your hands and smooth the surface of the final product again with damp fingers, then let it dry at room temperature. As its name implies, the clay is very light after drying, therefore suitable for some hanging decorations, beads, etc. As with classic Keraplast clay, also this version can, after drying, have its surface modified with painting or other decoration.


This malleable, oily modeling clay in sandstone color is ideal for the creation of models for the sculptors. It can also be used to create reliefs and sculptural details.

So do you know which clay is the right one for your creation or a project? All modeling clays are available in Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth stores or online. Have fun!

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