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Painted pots

With spring comes the time for planting or repotting various plants. We decided to liven this annual activity up a little and set about the painting of terracotta flower pots.

Do you like them? These original flower pots will surely be appreciated also by your plants!

For the realization of painted flower pots, you'll need a graphite pencil, acrylic colors, a larger flat brush, a smaller round brush, a wooden palette, a cup of water, terracotta flower pots and fixative creative.

Prepare all tools, check whether the surface of the flower pot is clean, and get to work with us!

On a palette or cardboard, mix the paint, ideally in a light earth tone, you chose for underpainting.

Use a flat brush to paint the whole flower pot with mixed acrylic paint and let it dry sufficiently. If necessary, you can do more layers.

On the dry surface, draw a chosen design using graphite pencil. We decided on several organic shapes we randomly placed all over the flower pot and colored in with white, brown, and light green colors. Again, let the painting dry.

Take a graphite pencil and sketch twigs with leaves over individual shapes. Go over the outlines with black color using a small round paint brush and color in some leaves. Do the same with a white twig on the other side.

After having the flower pot dried completely, spray it with Fixative Creative, which protects acrylic paint from potential dirt and water.

Place herbs or other spring plants in their plastic pots into your flower pots.

Don't forget to show off with your creations, for example, on Instagram, where all you need to do is to tag one of our profiles. Enjoy creating!

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