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Painting Stones with Acrylic Paints

Did you find a lovely pebble on your walk and bring it home? Great! Now you can paint them with colorful paints! Enjoy this tutorial created by talented Nathalie Škardová.

Acrylic paints are most suitable for painting on pebbles. They create beautifully saturated and bright paintings. Furthermore, you'll need a graphite pencil, a brush, and Fixative Creative to protect your painted motif from external influences.

Take a pebble, clean it thoroughly, and dry it. Then prepare a pencil, a set of acrylic paints, a brush, a palette, and a cup of water. Start with painting the whole pebble with paint serving both as a background and surface.

Pre-draw the motif with a pencil on a dry surface.

Having the outline complete, you can start painting with acrylic paints. Among other things, their advantage resides in an easy mixing of new colors. Therefore, don't be afraid and use the whole range of shades. Mix a sufficient amount of the paints you want to use on the palette. In this case, yellow hues were used first in order for the caterpillar to have a spatial effect.

It's time to color in a leaf. Green combined with yellow is next so that the leaf is as similar to those we see in nature as possible.

Now comes one of the most challenging steps of the tutorial, tracing the outlines using a thin brush with black paint.

After tracing the outlines, you can start with fine details.

Don't forget the caterpillar's eyes.

Let the painted pebble dry completely, and to finish, spray it with Fixative Creative to protect your picture from external influences.

And have fun!



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