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Hand Puppets from Egg Carton

Entertain your children with an easy craft. Create with us a decoration with a cute mouse motif that will work well as a hand puppet or can pep up your home, for example, stuck in a flower pot.

You'll need only a few things you'll undoubtedly find at home for its creation. This time, the essential building block will be an egg carton. So let's begin!

Prepare the above-mentioned egg carton, scissors, acrylic or tempera paints, brushes, and, of course, a cup of water.

Tip: Instead of a mouse, you can choose another animal with similar features, such as a fox or a dog. You'll only need to adjust ears and other tiny details.

Cut out a part of the size of 4 eggs from the egg carton. In the middle, you should have a high divider representing a snout.

Cut off the bottom part so that only two places for eggs remain and from which you'll make ears. Finish the details with scissors.

Take acrylic or tempera paints and start painting a mouse's head and ears. What colors you'll use is only up to you!

If you have the mouse colored in, let's move to detail painting. At this moment, we recommend taking a smaller round brush that is ideal for tiny details.

Paint eyes, nose, and whiskers. Let dry sufficiently and prepare a skewer to which you'll attach the mouse.

Now you only need to find the right place for this beautiful decoration!



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