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Recycled pots from PET bottles

Take a break from homework, and let's create a cute flowerpot with a cat motif from an ordinary plastic bottle.

Not only do you recycle a plastic bottle, but you also make a creative decoration that will stand out in every children's room. So let's begin!

Clean the clear plastic bottle well, and let it dry.

Then draw an animal motif with a fineliner or black permanent marker that you want to capture on the flowerpot. We decided on a cat, but a dog, pig, or turtle would also look great.

For this step, it would be better to call your parents for help as you need to make a small hole for subsequent cutting out of the animal.

Put scissors through the hole and carefully cut out the shape of the chosen animal.

Use a flat brush to paint the flowerpot with acrylic paint and let it dry.

Having the paint completely dry, use a fineliner to draw the animal's face.

Fine-tune the remaining details with acrylic paints using a thin round brush, and it's complete!

What animal did you choose for your flowerpot? And do you already know what flower you will place inside? Don't be shy and share your creations, for example, on Instagram. We're curious!



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