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Relax time Painting with aquarelle and ink

We are sure that many of you will agree with us that watercolors are the source of fun not only for kids but for adults as well. Their unique qualities create original paintings, and on top of that, working on them is very relaxing.

To create an abstract composition, you need watercolors, brushes, white cardstock paper, a cup of water, drawing metallic black ink, and a dip pen.

Firstly, moisten the surface with water and start painting on it immediately to create a blur effect. The background colors can be mixed according to your taste, but be careful as their dissolving can make it look muddy and dirty.

When you finish your abstract painting, let it dry completely.

If your paper is dry to the touch, take ink and a dip pen and highlight shapes you see in the painting. Do not search for concrete stuff, just let your imagination take over and trace all shapes that catch your eyes.

The metallic ink leaves tiny glittering particles in the drawing, creating a brilliant luster on the light.

You can also add other shapes, such as irregular ones or smaller black circles. We are looking forward to your works, which you can share with us on Facebook or Instagram. Have fun!



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