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Simple Paper Decoration for Christmas

There are never enough Christmas decorations. We prepared for you two simple tutorials on paper decorations that beautifully decorate your home and Christmas tree. They're done in a few minutes, and their creation will make your winter evenings with family and friends more pleasant.

Prepare any kind of paper. It can be a piece of old newspaper, which you can recycle imaginatively. Then you'll need scissors, a glue stick, and string, and in case you want to create a paper angel, a larger bead will also come in handy.


To create a star, take A4 paper and cut it in half.

Create an accordion from both parts of the paper by folding it gradually.

Cut the ends of both paper accordions into a tip.

Fold both accordions in half and glue them together with a glue stick.

Cut a piece of string and make a knot in the fold we created by folding the paper. Then make a loop from the rest of the string for hanging.

Unfold the paper accordions, glue them together and create a star. Don't forget to stick the string between the papers so you can hang the decoration.


Same as in the first tutorial, take paper and cut it in half.

Then create two paper accordions.

Fold each one above half of its length.

Insert a pre-cut string between both halves and glue them together with a glue stick.

Thread a bead on the string that will represent the angel's head. Make a loop from the rest of the string for hanging, and it's complete!

And which of the decorations did you choose? Did you decide just on one of them or even both? Show us your creations on social networks. Merry Christmas!



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