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Valentine Gift Wrapping

Saint Valentine's day is fast approaching, so it's a perfect time to look for the ideal gift for your loved ones. And Valentine's gift also deserves original love wrapping.

Read on and take inspiration from this easy tutorial by Jana Svobodová.

For this craft tutorial, you'll need watercolors or brilliant watercolors, a fineliner, scissors, brushes, a sponge, a piece of wood, and paper bags. Or, if you dare, you can create a paper bag yourself, according to our Easter tutorial.

The wrapping we'll show in the following steps is ideal not only for St. Valentine's day but also comes in handy anytime you want to gift-wrap a little something. You can simply change the heart motif and create, for example, a bag with a floral or animal motif, etc. It's crucial to choose motifs of simple shapes so that you can easily cut them out. So let's begin!

If you have everything prepared, let's create a stamp. Either you can make it out of a sponge you subsequently stick to a piece of wood or, for example, from a potato, as we did when we were creating wrapping paper.

Then apply the chosen shade of watercolors or aniline colors onto the finished stamp with a brush and immediately stamp the motif onto a paper bag.

Let the watercolors dry sufficiently after completing your gift bag design. Then take a fineliner and finish according to your imagination the stamps you made.

Finally, put a gift into the bag and give it as a present to your loved ones. Have fun!



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