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Watercolors drawings

At first sight, watercolors might seem like an ordinary medium only the youngest artists use. However, Jana Svobodová will convince you today that it's not entirely true. Even adults can have fun with them!

If you like experimenting with colors and techniques like the author of this tutorial, you've come to the right place! This time, we get down to watercolors drawings, where we'll work with random watercolors stains in which we'll search for motifs and then draw them. It's a relaxing and fun creation that engages children and grown-ups alike.

Prepare the already-mentioned water or aniline colors, brushes, a cup of water, watercolor paper, watercolor colored pencils, a fineliner, an eraser, and acrylic paint.

At the very beginning, it's good to experiment a little just to see and try this technique in advance. You can also try various effects, such as combinations with baking soda, table salt, either fine or coarse.

Now let's move to the instructions.

It's important to prepare a surface that will be wet enough so that colors blur as best as possible to create interesting patterns. Don't forget that you determine the shape of the picture in advance by how you create a wet stain. For example, you can draw an owl from an oval with two triangles, symbolizing ears. When the paper is wet, take watercolors and apply paint onto the wet stain.

After it dries sufficiently, draw gently with a pencil what the chosen motif, e.g., an owl, will look like.

Trace the good lines with a fineliner. You can even color in some lines with a watercolor colored pencil. We can see perfectly in the detail how a watercolor colored pencil stands out.

We can draw the details, such as eyes, with white acrylic paint that covers perfectly.

Cut out the finished picture and glue it, for example, in a greeting card.

You can also use this technique to decorate your school notebook, etc. And what will you do with these illustrations? Show off and share your creations on Instagram.



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