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When the organic devours the geometrical • Zsófi Barabás

We are extremely happy to share on our blog the work of Hungarian artist Zsófi Barabás, who has exhibited her work all over the world, received several major art awards and also loves KOH-I-NOOR products.

Zsófi is a talented artist who has received her education and experience in major art educational institutions and participated in internships in the UK and Japan. It was her stay in Tokyo in 2009 that became one of the turning points in her work, as she added three-dimensional objects to her portfolio in addition to drawing and painting.

The second turning point in her work was a working stay in Frankfurt. The industrial form of the city so intrigued her that she began to mix organic and architectural elements in her work. "Buildings and architectural elements found their way into my organic compositions. Since then, I have tried to create an interesting tension between these two types of visual culture, which do not repel each other, but neither do they form a unified whole. I would say that they work together," she clarifies.

"Much of the environment we live in is made up of geometric elements, but people are organic. So my question is, what happens when the organic devours the geometric?"

Early in her career, Zsófi created works inspired by histological illustrations, microscopic slides, bird's eye views, aerial photographs and intimacy. Today, however, Zsófi describes the concept of her work as follows: 'I draw inspiration from the cities and landscapes of the countries I visit. Travel is a source of innovation and new perspectives in my work."

And what are Zsófia's favourite KOH-I-NOOR products? She definitely can't get enough of the graphite pencils 1900 and the Versatil mechanical pencil. She also works with oil colours and oil pastels.

Discover the work of this multi-talented Hungarian artist, whose work has recently been featured in the pages of the world-famous fashion magazine ELLE. Follow her art on social media or watch a short video about Zsófi below.



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