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Create your own wrapping paper with potato stamps!

Christmas day is approaching, so it’s the ideal time to start wrapping your Christmas gifts. This year, get rid of the classic wrapping papers you can get at the supermarket and create your own with us!

Traditional potato printing with cookie cutters will make a beautiful design. You’ll see it’s not difficult at all!

To craft a wrapping paper, you’ll need a roll or sheet of solid-colored natural wrapping paper, a few medium-sized potatoes, cookie cutters, a sponge, a knife, acrylic paints, and Fineliner pens as well if you want to finish the decor.

Cut the potato in half and press the cutter with a chosen shape into the first half. Use a knife to cut the excess potato away, and your stamp is ready!

When stamps are complete, prepare acrylic paints, a sponge, and a larger plate that will serve as a color palette.

Unroll the paper and straighten it carefully. Tip a sufficient amount of chosen acrylic paint on the plate and then use a sponge to apply paint onto the potato stamp.

Now it‘s time to stamp your shapes all over the wrapping paper. You can use stamps to create a pattern or just use it randomly.

You can eventually draw on paper with the use of Fineliner pens. We used them to create a figure of an angel.

When you finish, let the papers dry completely, and yippee! You can finally start wrapping gifts! Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth wishes you a Merry Christmas.



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