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Abstract painting for children

See for yourself that black cats don't always bring misfortune, and create one with us! This tutorial is easier than you think, and you'll need only a few things you'll undoubtedly find in your drawer with art supplies. The result will definitely be worth it!

In today's tutorial dedicated to the youngest artists, we'll dissolve ink into a wet surface. A so-called wet-in-wet painting has its own unique charm we'll discover together today. Let's begin.

You'll need suitable paper for watercolors, black drawing ink, a set of colored drawing inks, wooden skewers, brushes, and a spray bottle.

First, apply more water on cardstock paper so the ink can dissolve. Then apply ink to the wet surface with the help of a wooden skewer, or you can also use colored inks if you want to make the cat a little more colorful.

If you like experimenting, try to sprinkle the painting with water using a spray bottle and watch what happens to the colors.

Let the painting dry sufficiently.

Then sketch the cat outline with a pencil. Create one big circle and the second one slightly smaller. These two circles will represent the body and head of the cat. Afterward, sketch and cut out a tail, ears, and legs.

To finish, glue individual parts of the cat together, stick the eyes and muzzle you cut out from construction paper, and it's complete!



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