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Cute Key Chains from Keraplast Clay

To create cheery key chains with cute animal motifs is easy-breezy with us! Let's get down to creating them from air-drying Keraplast clay that offers many practical utilizations.

For creating key chains, you'll need Keraplast modeling clay, a graphite pencil, an eraser in pencil, acrylic paints, brushes, a cup of water, a rolling pin, round-shaped cutters, and fixative creative.

Take a piece of Keraplast clay, knead it with your hands, and then roll it out on a mat to create a flat sheet of clay about 0.5 centimeters thick.

Smooth out the surface of the clay with a finger wet in water.

Use a cutter to cut out bigger circles from the slab and make a pinhole on their edge serving for their hanging.

TIP: For cutting out pinholes, it is ideal to use cavities you can get cheaply in electrical supplies stores.

Let the cut-out circles from Keraplast dry slowly for approximately a day until they become entirely hard.

On a piece of cardboard, mix the background color, in this case, pink. Let it dry.

Sketch a picture with a graphite pencil, in this case, a motif of a cute panda. Erase the fault lines using an eraser in pencil.

Again, prepare acrylic paints and use them to color in the pre-drawn picture. You can decorate the background of the key chain with dots that you can easily make with the end of a brush.

After completing the snout, let the whole key chain dry, and finally, spray it with the fixative creative that will protect the painting with acrylic paint against abrasion and sunlight.

Now you just have to hang the key chain on the keys where it'll look just great! In the same manner, you can create other animal motifs of various colors.

We thank the talented Nathalia Škardová for this amazing tutorial, who you can follow on her Instagram profile.

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