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Get inspired by world master drawers

Did you find the article about graphite pencils interesting and are you looking for some artists to get inspired?

We have made your work easier and we have selected some interesting artists to present to you today. You may know some of them from the history of art or as authors of professional publications, but we have also discovered many talented people on social networks.

Let‘s start with an American artist, teacher and author of a well-known book on figure drawing Anthony Ryder. He is a brilliant artist with more than 30 years of experience in teaching drawing and oil painting at prestigious American schools. Anthony himself received his education in his native New York and then in France in the studio of the world-renowned painter Ted Seth Jacobs.

Anthony Ryder

Among Czech artists, we would like to draw your attention to the well-known drawer, painter and graphic artist Milan Ressel, who received a high-quality professional education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Milan Ressel

Hopefully the promising young artists Nikol Rejmánková and Kristýna Slusarčíková, whose profiles on Instagram are full of perfect drawings, will experience the same success as him one day.

Kristýna Slusarčíková, Nikol Rejmánková

Among the more experienced Czech artists, the portfolio of Radim Pergl is definitely worth mentioning.

Radim Pergl

If you admire hyperrealistic portraits of not only celebrities, we can recommend checking out an Instagram profile called jonowart. However, if you prefer a more illustrative style, you might have a look at Victoria Fedota or Gaby Niko.

Gaby Niko

If you are not a complete beginner and you intend to improve in drawing? The following profiles of experienced draftsmen and drawing teachers could help you with this. The first of them is the profile of Marlena Sztamborska, who, with the help of online courses, will guide you through all sorts of topics, from portrait to drawing architecture. Other masters in the field are Design Gogh from South Korea or Rim Umyarov.

Marlena Sztamborska

Design Gogh

Rim Umyarov



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