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Air-dry Clay Decorations

Make hanging decorations with natural motifs with the help of several tools, colors and air-drying modelling clay. They stand out beautifully in the interior on a twig, you can also hang them on the wall, or use them as magnets on the refrigerator. Hooray for work!

Prepare Keraplast clay, round cutters of various diameters, wrapping paper, a rolling pin, acrylic paints, a brush and finally twigs, leaves, or a piece of grass or corn for imprinting.

Roll out the material on baking paper so that it does not stick to the base, to make a sheet approximately 1 cm thick.

Tip: With your fingers soaked in water, you can smooth the entire surface of the material to smooth out small cracks and unevenness.

Use a rolling pin to imprint a piece of grain, leaves, or flower with an interesting texture into the plate.

Carefully remove the imprinted natural material from the plate.

This is what the imprinted motif looks like, which we will highlight with colors after it dries. The deeper, the better.

Use the round cutter to select the most beautiful part of the motif and cut out. For hanging, don't forget to make a smaller hole at the edge.

Ideally, dry for one day. After the material has hardened, you can paint the entire surface with acrylic paint.

With the help of a handkerchief, you can spread the color, mix it and then also wipe it slightly from above to highlight the recessed motif.

Don't forget to paint the edges as well.

It's up to you how much paint you remove from the surface with a handkerchief. In this case, we left the color mainly in the hollows and along the edges.

After the paint has dried, attach a string to the holes and you can start decorating!



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