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Landscape Drawing Tutorial

Soft pastels were one of the favorite art techniques in the Rococo or Impressionism period. However, their popularity lingers on among artists till nowadays.

British author Bridget Derc dedicates herself to this technique in addition to many other art media, and we're amazed at the beautiful pictures inspired by the British landscape she creates! Now, you can create together according to a step-by-step tutorial Bridget prepared for you.

Tip: In the Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth assortment, you'll find soft pastels in many color shades and versions. But for nature drawing, we recommend a Landscape set we developed, like Fixative Art, in collaboration with a prominent Czech artist Michal Janovský. It's also crucial to choose a suitable surface for soft pastel drawing. Therefore, use the Pop Pastel art pad for your sketches. For fine details drawing, we recommend soft pastel pencils that are great helpers for drawing landscapes, architecture, and portraits.

Composition is the basis of a good picture. Therefore, sketch it with a pencil and green pastel. A good thing when drawing en plein air is to divide the composition into three plans. In our case, the closest bushes are the focal point, whereas, in the next plan, there's a meadow and some trees. In the third plan, there are trees in the background.

Then take some primary soft pastel colors occurring in the chosen subject and depict individual objects and areas by sketching.

Create depth by using dark and light hues. Keep in mind the division into three sections, and pay attention to where the light falls on the scene.

When the picture has a spatial effect, you can begin creating details, such as leaves, flowers, etc. They need to be precisely drawn so that the picture has a realistic look.

Fixate carefully the finished drawing with Fixative Art.



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