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Let's create Christmas decoration

The days are getting shorter, Christmas is just around the corner, so you may want to start creating. How about making a poinsettia from air-drying Keraplast material?

Prepare the necessary tools: Keraplast material, a rolling pin, a bowl of water, leaves of various sizes, a stick, a brush, a scalpel, awl or needle, acrylic paints and finally a pad for work. It is ideal to work on baking paper to which the material does not stick.

Knead a piece of material in your hands, then use a rolling pin to roll the material into a plate approximately 0.7 cm thick. Smooth the surface of the material with your fingers and water.

Carefully place the individual leaves on the prepared plate and roll them in with a rolling pin.

Cut the shape of the leaf with a scalpel and then remove it from the material. You can highlight individual veins with a needle tool. Smooth the edges with your fingers soaked in water.

Create lots of leaves in three different sizes in the same way.

You can slightly bend the shape of the leaves through the needle in the middle, giving them the right shape.

First, place the five largest leaves around in a dry bowl.

Continue with the second layer of smaller leaves. If the layers do not adhere well enough, help with a brush soaked in water. Fill the center of the flower with the material.

Finally, add a third layer of the smallest leaves. Model small balls, which you place in the middle of the flower.

Leave the whole flower in the bowl to dry for at least one day.

Then carefully remove it and paint with acrylic paints. You can place it on a stick, or just place it in a flowerpot or on the dining table as a decoration. Enjoy!



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