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Mother's day Greeting Card

Make your mums happy and create a handmade card for their day. Mother's day is aprroaching fast! It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the Czech Republic, and therefore it is high time to get to work!

You will need several sheets of colored paper, a graphite pencil, fineliner, scissors, glue, and an eraser.

Right at the beginning, choose as a surface a sheet of A4 size colored paper that is ideally of higher GSM and in neutral color tones.

Fold the chosen paper in half. Turn it so the greeting card would open like a book. Now we're going to decorate it!

Sketch a selected motif with a graphite pencil on the surface. In this case, it's flower stems.

Having the drawing complete, take a black fineliner and trace the lines. Some flower stems can be striped, some all black or dotted, etc. Imagination is limitless!

Now it's time for colored paper from which you cut out individual flowers.

Pre-draw petals on colored paper using a pencil. Their shape and size are up to you.

Cut out the shapes and then glue them on the greeting card using stick glue.

Besides petals, don't forget to also cut out the pistil that you glue in the middle of the flower.

Finish the pistil and leaves with a fineliner. If you have more free space there, you can simply draw other flowers using a fineliner.

Let the greeting card dry completely, and then write a few kind words inside for your mum. Great work! Mums will surely be excited!



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