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St. Valentine's Creations for Kids

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you celebrate it or not, it's without any doubt an ideal opportunity to create something with kids! So let's begin!

Because the Feast of Saint Valentine is known as the day of romance, we decided to create with our little helper an original decoration in the shape of a heart, ideal for both a flower pot or a Valentine gift decoration.

You'll need colored papers, a pencil, tempera paint, a brush, scissors, skewers, bubble wrap, cellophane tape, crepe paper, and natural string.

Firstly, take a brush and apply acrylic paint on the bubble wrap. We decided on white color to shine nicely on the red hearts.

Stamp the painted bubble wrap immediately onto your colored paper and create a polka dots pattern. Let it dry completely.

Once dry, take a pencil and draw a heart on the other side of the paper, then cut the heart out.

Decorate the cut-out heart according to your taste.

If you want to make a flower pot decoration, prepare a skewer and use the cellophane tape to stick it to the heart.

If you prefer the heart itself just as a decoration or name tag, use crepe paper and natural string to wrap a gift for your loved ones, then attach the name tag or heart decoration to the gift.

We hope you like our simple tutorial on Valentine's Day creation. Don't hesitate to show off your creations on social networks and tag us in your posts. We're looking forward to seeing the works of your children!



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