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Try painting with watercolors

Many of us look at the watercolors only as a medium with which we create in elementary school art classes. However, beautiful work can be created with watercolors if you know how to use them.

Try to paint with watercolors and you will see that we are right!

First prepare watercolors, brushes, a water cup and heavyweight paper, ideally Pop Aquarell 250g/m2, which would not warp after a contact with water.

To get to know the watercolors, create a color swatches on a piece of paper. Try mixing different shades and their color intensity by adding more water.

Choose any theme you want, in our case we chose the scenery of the landscape. Create a drawing with an ink or with a marker. Then frame the drawing with a tape to create a regular frame and to keep the color only in this area.

Then it's time to paint the individual areas. You can control the color intensity by diluting the pigment with water. It is ideal to have at least 2 brushes on hand, one for large areas and the other for details.

You can also mix colors between each other, but be careful not to create muddy shades. Clean the brush regularly in a glass of water and dry with a piece of cloth.

For watercolors, we recommend the layering technique, starting from larger areas and moving to more precise details. You can either let the layer dry or paint into wet areas, which will result in smooth transitions and a pleasant dispersion of colors.

Finally, allow the finished piece to dry well and carefully remove the tape. You can share your watercolor creations on social networks with us. We look forward to seeing them!



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