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Visiting a Rubber Factory in Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth

Every experienced drawing artist certainly knows that an eraser is not useful only when it comes to removing unwanted lines in a picture but that it can serve as a fully-fledged art medium as well. It's ideal for highlighting light elements, creating contrast, or for the realistic depiction of human hair…

In Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth, we manufacture erasers in many various forms. Have you, for example, already heard about an eraser in pencil?

Naturally, an eraser will come in handy even for beginners, who'll utilize it, for example, in their study drawing with charcoal. In this case, we would recommend a kneaded eraser as it is efficient for completely erasing fine strokes made with charcoal and is suitable for highlighting lights and reflections in the picture.

For modifying sketches and other drawings made with graphite pencil, you will need only a well-known soft eraser that is in our assortment available in various designs, from small to large, from round to angular, or with an iconic trademark with an elephant motif.


We offer a large number of erasers with pictures, so both small and big artists will choose. Would you prefer an eraser with a motif of the Little Mole and his friends, traffic signs, or animals? No problem, you can purchase them in Koh-i-noor Hardtmuth stores or online.


Furthermore, you find in our wide range of products also hard and combined erasers that shouldn't be missing in any office or equipment of an artist. A hard eraser is natural-based without the addition of plastic materials and phthalates. It is intended mainly for erasing lines and stains from ink, Indian ink, typewriting machine letters, and removing leads. But it can also excellently remove unwanted marks of pastels, colored pencils, and even wax crayons! The combined variant is composed of two already mentioned kinds of erasers, i.e., soft and hard.

Apart from the aforementioned types of erasers, we also manufacture a thermoplastic variant in the shape of a hexagon or telescopic thermoplastic eraserinserted in the handy plastic holder suitable for school and office use.

And finally, a special gadget, an eraser in pencil. At first glance, it looks just like an ordinary white colored pencil, but instead of a lead, they are filled with an eraser ideal for the tiniest details.

You certainly shouldn't miss the work of Silvie Mahdalová or Eva Bernadette, who deal with the creation of hyper-realistic pictures. Thus, especially for them, an eraser in pencil is an essential drawing aid.

You will find a whole range of erasers in our assortment. But do you know where and how this practical art tool is made?

Come with us to take a look at the manufacturing plant in České Budějovice, to a place called a rubber factory, where our team produces thousands of different erasers every day, making artists all around the world happy afterward. Check this video on our Instagram account to see more.



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