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Hanging Decoration from Keraplast

Keraplast modeling clay is ideal for creating imaginative decorations that will adorn both the interior and the exterior. This time, we decided to make a hanging decoration that will look amazing, for example, in your garden!

So don't hesitate and make hot summer days more pleasant with a simple holiday creation.

For this decoration, you'll need Keraplast modeling clay, cutters of your choosing, parchment paper, a rolling pin, a cup of water, a brush, acrylic paints, a piece of twig, and a string.

Take out a piece of modeling clay from the packaging and knead it.

Having the clay malleable enough, place it on parchment paper and roll it out to form a sheet.

Use cutters to cut out different shapes from the rolled-out sheet. We decided on flowers.

Put the cut-out shapes on parchment paper and smooth their surfaces with damp fingers.

Afterward, pierce pinholes into the shapes with a wooden skewer or any other pointed tool and let the clay dry completely.

After drying, prepare a brush, a cup of water, and acrylic paints and start painting.

Having the paint dry sufficiently, take a string and thread it through the hole we created with a wooden skewer.

Tie the threaded shapes to a piece of twig, and an original decoration is complete!

Our tip:

If you like experimenting, try to push dried flowers into decorations from Keraplast. Place a flower on the cut circle, cover it with baking parchment, and use a rolling pin to roll over gently so you wouldn't deform the cut shape. Let dry and finally fixate with Fixative Creative.

Take a look at other Keraplast clay tutorials we prepared for you on our blog and create, for example, cute keychains! For more tutorials, browse through the archive of our articles.



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